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about us


Broekhof Colombia was founded on the 1st of September of 2016, an organization owned by Broekhof Netherlands. In 1974 Broekhof Verpakkingen BV was incorporated by Piet Broekhof. A lover of plants and flowers and a downright entrepreneur. The company started small but grew strongly throughout the years.

In the last couple of years, the company has successfully focused on expansion abroad, the innovation of products and the intensification and broadening of the assortment. Up to this very day the business is growing. Since the end of 2018 Broekhof is part of the Royal Paardekooper Group.


Innovations and trends


Innovations and trends have become an integral element of packaging materials for flowers and plants. Broekhof therefore has a team of full-time designers in service. They follow the latest trends, designs and colours. They design new prints and completely new packaging formats and decorative materials. Hundreds of new items are added to Broekhof’s range every year.

Customer specific packaging

The development of client-specific packaging and designs is becoming increasingly important. The lack of a distinctive offering means consumers tend to compare prices. Have your unique design produced so that your company can distinguish itself.

Our design process centres on co-creation: we would be delighted to work in collaboration with you to produce a design. Using our collective expertise, we can produce the best result that meets your objective and the needs of your target group.

As soon as the design meets the brief we will produce a sample for you. Only after checking and following your approval will we go in production.


Which items from our collection will enable you to add value to your product? Or do you have specific requirements for bespoke packaging? We’re happy to help you find the best packaging solution! Contact us to find out what we can do for you with no obligation.

Our Team

María del Pilar Murillo Urrego

Broekhof Colombia General Manager and foundress

Master in international business (MAB) from EAFIT University, with more than 14 years of professional experience in charge of multinational organizations, mainly in the floriculture sector. Founder of Broekhof Colombia SAS on the 1st of September of 2016 as General Manager and legal representative.

Actualmente estudiando para obtener su titulo como DAG Doctora en Administración Gerencial de la UBJ Universidad Benito Juárez de México.

Gabriel Jaime Restrepo Valencia

Logistics` Head and Broekhof Colombia founder

Integral logistics technologist from the ESUMER University Institution. In more than 22 years of professional experience, Gabriel has been in charge of the rice mills, rubber production, flower packaging, among many others. Founder of Broekhof Colombia SAS in 2016.